Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The automotive industry will go through profound changes in the next decade, because of a shift in consumer behaviour, digital technology and urbanisation.  Innovation will be required to maintain relevance and meet the transitional speed and culture shifts of consumers, which in turn will require new thinking, fresh approaches and more agility to deliver.  Digital Dealership has worked in all aspects of automotive, from OEM and its supply chain, to franchise dealers and online digital technology companies.  Our deep understanding of the industry, its challenges and the technology and disruption coming, allows us to support you across the sector to achieve your goals.


In an era of disruption, strategy is more crucial than ever.  Digital Dealership offers solutions that have helped and supported many companies across the automotive sector, in varying geographies. 

We will help you understand change and navigate uncertainty to bring agility to your operations and achieve your desired goals.

As thought leaders, we bring tools, technology and capability to every engagement.


Digital Dealership’s advisory services comprises of Deals and Consulting, designed to support the evolving global automotive market.  These services are based on a sophisticated professional network, vast industry knowledge and years of experience. 

Deals aims to transform businesses through sales, acquisition or merger, validating the deal strategy, assessing options and executing for successful outcomes. 

Consulting is focused on essential client processes that help design, manage and execute lasting change throughout the business life cycle.


Digital Dealership supports the automotive industry to reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill existing procurement teams.  Where existing teams are not operating, Digital Dealership can lead a talent search, selection process and training to ensure clients have inhouse capabilities at their disposal.

Successful procurement strategies should drive measurable and sustainable value for the long term, whilst an in-depth knowledge of operations allows Digital Dealership to deliver savings faster, to protect the near-term profitability and viability of businesses.

The knowledge to do this has been built up over years of operating with OEM’s, franchise dealers, IWS’s and digital software companies.  More recent work has focused on creating lean automotive start-ups, ensuring investment is used to grow revenues and protect the bottom line.

Digital Dealership offers different risk models for its procurement services and will allow your organisation to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.