We have worked with some of the worlds largest corporates, developing their technology, sales, and marketing strategies.

We are a small boutique consultancy focused on automotive, but deliver acceleration and transformation projects on a global scale.

We advise businesses focused on SaaS, manufacturing, digital currency, insurtech, e-bikes, subscription, telematics and e-commerce to name a few, and support go to market initiatives covering new retail models, revised CXs, and the electrification of the aftersales industry.

Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

Andrew Mortimer

Automotive Advisory


We work with businesses in need of building or replatforming their technology to deliver bleeding age, sustainable, software that drives exponential growth. The transition to modular, API first mentality creates agility, as monolithic code bases are cumbersome to work on and prove to be expensive longer term.


We help businesses navigate change and accelerate growth to deliver stronger financial results and increase market share. This can be achieved by setting the right strategic priorities and executing with operational excellence. OKRs can be established to ensure your business is on track and moving forward as planned.


We support technology companies to launch in new markets, with experience deploying innovative software solutions across Europe, UK, US, South America and Australia. Each market is nuanced and requires fresh thinking. We minimise risk using an established network of excellent, local individuals.

Large consultancies often lack the experience of working in the businesses and markets they are advising and we are consistently asked to review the work of others.

With 25+ years of automotive experience, we offer strategic guidance, but also the practical application of the advice.

As a boutique consultancy, we only focus on 10 core clients at anyone time.  Very few consultancies can compete at this level.