Digital Dealership has worked with some of the largest corporates in the world, but prides itself on being small. Having learned the value of listening over talking, Digital Dealership has made profound differences in every company it has engaged with. Focused on automotive, it has expertise in all aspects of mobility and can support multiple disciplines at all levels, from c-suite to operational teams.

Our team


We will help you understand change and navigate uncertainty to bring agility to your operations and achieve your desired goals.


Digital Dealership aims to support businesses through sales, acquisitions or mergers, validating deal strategy, assessing options and executing changes for successful outcomes.


Digital Dealership supports the automotive industry to reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill existing procurement teams.

Digital Dealership currently has representatives on multiple boards, from franchise dealer groups to large PLC’s, as well as supporting a number of start-ups and scale-ups in this space as NED’s. Digital Dealership also advises large venture capital and investment firms on market trends and sustainability of suppliers to the automotive industry globally, acting as a trusted advisor. Whether you want to buy, run or sell an automotive business we can support you in achieving the pinnacle of what’s possible.