Digital Dealership has worked with some of the largest corporates in the world, but prides itself on being small. Focused on automotive, it has expertise in all aspects of mobility and can support multiple disciplines at all levels, from board, c-suite and operational teams.

Our team


Digital Dealership supports businesses in need of building or replatforming their technology to deliver bleeding age software solutions for the future.


Digital Dealership helps businesses navigate change to ensure they grow their P&L or market share through mergers and acquisitions.

Go To Market

Digital Dealership directs technology companies to launch in new markets, with experience in Europe, UK, US and Australia.

Digital Dealership currently has representatives on multiple boards, including franchise dealer groups, large PLC’s and various technology companies, and also supports a number of start-up and scale-ups working in mobility. Digital Dealership also advises large venture capital and private equity firms on market trends, business risk, competitive advantage and supply chains to the automotive industry globally, acting as a trusted, paid advisor.