Consulting services

Digital Dealership has worked with some of the largest corporates in the world, but prides itself on being small. Having learned the value of listening over talking, Digital Dealership has accelerated growth in every company it has engaged with. Focused on digital in automotive, it has expertise in all aspects of mobility and can support multiple disciplines at all levels, from c-suite to operational teams.


In an era of disruption, strategy is more crucial than ever. Digital Dealership offers solutions that have helped and supported many companies transform across the global automotive sector.

We will help you understand necessary change, and navigate uncertainty to bring agility to your operations as you shift to achieve your desired goals.

As thought leaders, we bring tools, technology and experienced people to every engagement.

If you are unsure how to prepare for a digital future, a well considered strategy, built up from data led design and research, will ensure your business is prepared.

When evaluating timing, leadership skills, financial pressures, regulatory requirements and market dynamics, you begin to understand how a clear strategy can navigate your transition.

Interim Leadership

Digital Dealership’s C-Suite interim leadership services have been utilised by some of the largest corporates in the world.  Using decades of experience in building technology and leading teams, Digital Dealership is brought in to support growth, accelerate strategy pivots, or to navigate transformations.

We don’t do business as normal, we take on roles and have responsibility for the industries hardest jobs, because nobody likes a challenge like we do.

We have experience running large teams in digital businesses, operating product, sales, marketing, analytics, research, devops, innovation, engineering, customer success and support.

Go To Market

Digital Dealership supports companies who have built great products, but now want to take them to new markets.  We have supported global expansion into new countries, transitions from independent dealer sales to having a franchise dealer proposition and moved across B2B and B2C channels to generate a quantum growth in sales.

With an unrivalled network and the experience to navigate the complexities of new market channels, Digital Dealership can support GTM activity through its close partners and vendors.